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MedGizmo PEMF Series: Part II Pros & Cons

We continue our PEMF series, where we are providing key reference information on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and its practical applications in Healthcare. We do NOT have the goal to position ourselves as ultimate experts in this field, rather to serve as a center for reference information.
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Our first post provided a brief history reference of PEMF, what maladies are cured, what effects it has on the human body, certain Internet resources; reference to three videos that explain PEMF and advice on buying gadgets. It can be accessed HERE

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Why are we starting this series?  Dr. W.Pawluk, an expert in PEMF, writes ”... very few conventional, and even alternative or holistic, doctors know about these devices of this technological area. This is not a subject of mandatory education for doctors. Doctors often learn about these new technologies long after the public does, as has been seen with acupuncture. The process of educating doctors and other non-medical practitioners is growing all the time but will take years.” So, we hope that with our MedGizmo PEMF Series we will succeed in our efforts to provide quality non-biased medical gizmo and gadget educational information to our global readers.
In this post we look at the benefits and some issues with PEMF applications for treatments – from the consumer’s point of view. First, here are some links.

What are the pros?
Dr. Trapp from Gonstead Performance Chiropractic Company provides the following PEMF information: Benefits of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (“PEMF”) Therapy that has detailed description processes in the human body under effect of PEMF:

• Reduced pain
• Reduced inflammation
• Increased range of motion
• Faster functional recovery
• Reduced muscle loss after surgery
• Increased tensile strength in ligaments
• Faster healing of skin wounds
• Enhanced capillary formation
• Accelerated nerve regeneration
• Reduced tissue necrosis

Moreover, specific parts of the body and conditions are discussed:

• PEMF and the spine
• PEMF cartilage and bones
• PEMF and tendons
• PEMF and intestines
• PEMF and the brain
• PEMF and multiple sclerosis

Summarized PEMF applications:

So, basically, the advantages of PEMF technology are clear. Is it legal to use PEMF devices? Each country has its own set of rules – in the United States approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the key for medical use. In their paper RIFE Technology - Resonant Light lists a brief overview:

“FDA PEMF Approvals (PEMF = “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field”)
The FDA has approved PEMF for a number of uses, including:
• 1979 - Healing of nonunion fractures
• 1998 – Urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation
• 2004 – Cervical fusion patients at high risk for non-fusion
• 2006 – Treatment of depression and anxiety
• 2011 – Brain cancer”

FDA itself points to the following indications for use:

• “Stroke rehabilitation by muscle re-education
• Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
• Increasing local blood circulation
• Muscle re-education
• Maintaining or increasing range of motion”

Replenishing Technologies Inc. adds to this list:
“FDA Approved
• Chronic non-malignant pain relief
• Post-operative pain and edema
• Bone growth/regeneration:
– faster healing of delayed non-union fractures
– clients with diabetes and vascular issues
• Depression – if anti-depressants ineffective
• Adjunct to cervical fusion surgery
• Brain cancer 2011
• Enhanced tissue repair (NASA) 2009
• Stimulate growth stem cells (NASA adjunct)”

What are the cons?

Money: Most of the effective commercial devices are rather costly. If you prefer to have home treatments, one home unit could cost a couple of thousands of dollars. There are options in the market – where the providers are suggesting various leasing schemes. If you prefer to visit a provider, you will have  to pay for each visit and this treatment may not be covered by your insurance. This is also closely associated with another trouble: time, required for such visits. In fact, the session may take from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the condition, but it is usually advised to have about one hour of rest after the treatment at the provider's office. Plus, the time that is spent for transportation.

Thus, the most viable way seems to be to have PEMF treatment at home; and there are devices in the market that allow you to do so. We are not talking here about hospitals and clinics, since our discussion is oriented towards consumers.

In general, according to numerous clinical trials and consumers’ reports, PEMF treatment has been proven to be very safe and does not produce side effects. However, there are certain restrictions to the usage

• Pacemakers (or other electrical implants)
• Pregnancy
• Blood thinners
• Non-titanium plates, rods
• Age – those who are under 18 need parental consent
• History of severe epilepsy
For those interested, I suggest you look at this page by IV Therapy Miami where they in a nice, professional way present the pros & cons of PEMF devices
Finally, I suggest you watch an extremely rationalizing Webinar, where a lot of information is presented and analyzed:

This concludes our second post of MedGizmo PEMF Series. In our follow-up posts, we will have a general look at devices that are currently present in the market, including their pricing, as well as provide links to information about PEMF treatments of specific conditions and maladies.
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