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MedGizmo: Brain Wearables and Applications (Part III)

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In this final post we look at some of interesting brain wearables that are present in the market, and that are (as the vendors claim) enhancing our brain activities.

We would like to start with an advice to read this post at that has a informative discussion: How mind reading wearables let us delve inside our brains
We speak to experts on whether brain detecting wearables are all they claim to be.

Now, we want direct your attention to some specific wearables.

We have already posted details of MUSE Brain Sensing Headband

The iBrain™ — the portable and user friendly single-channel EEG recording device
The iBrain™ device, a cutting-edge, single-channel EEG recording tool that is easy to use, comfortable and portable allows for more efficient and user friendly EEG data collection.
The iBrain™ is a miniature electronics box attached to a light and flexible elastic head harness and electrodes that can effortlessly be applied to the head during sleep. The iBrain™ has a rechargeable battery that provides hours of continuous recording, a USB port for simplified data transfer and battery charging to a computer, and provides days of recording storage. Time is automated and date stamped. The iBrain™ device is HIPAA compliant and the data is easily transferred via internet.
  • The iBrain™ - A device for at-home sleep monitoring and diagnosis
  • The iBrain™ device can provide easy to use, accurate, at-home sleep monitoring. The SPEARS algorithm applied to the iBrain™ data is used to offer insight into a myriad of medical pathologies and to monitor a patient.s brain following drug intake.
A Little Device That’s Trying to Read Your Thoughts


BrainBit wireless EEG headband
BrainBit’s premier headband EEG is the only device on the market that offers 4 EEG touch points and 2 reference sensors providing the wearer with high fidelity spatial resolution and insight into their brain activity. Designed for daily use and application, BrainBit features an elegant lightweight and user-friendly design. The latest advancements in neuroscience and EEG technology are backed by decades of proven research and development from leading researchers, engineers and industrial designers.

The BrainBit EEG headband is equipped with biosensors that digitize and amplify raw brain signals into concise inputs. Through continuous monitoring of their brain performance, BrainBit’s wireless EEG headband allows users to optimize their cognitive fitness over time. Neurofeedback data composed of an individual’s brain activity is captured and recorded by patent pending dry electrode technology. Inbound data is further analyzed on the backend by BrainBit’s proprietary Cloud and SDK platform providing for robust and reliable neurofeedback data.

Neuroon intelligent sleep mask


Intelligent sleep mask that uses cutting edge technology paired with a smart application to give you the productive rest you need.
The Neuroon is a wearable technology system that combines medical grade sensors and software with a mobile application for your smart device. Using Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE, the mask communicates with the app on both IOS and Android systems, transferring your biometric data, and enabling you to access the full suite of six functionalities.
Biometic Sensors:
EEG + EOG Sensors, Pulse Oximeter, 3 - axis Accelerometer, Temperature sensors
The system can store up to seven days of data.

Emotiv Headsets
Emotiv EPOC / EPOC+: Scientific contextual EEG
Award winning Emotiv EPOC / EPOC+, designed for practical contextualized research applications, provides access to dense array, high quality, raw EEG data using our software and Advanced SDK.
Conduct research using our APIs and detection libraries: Facial Expressions, Performance & Emotional Metrics**, and Mental Commands.
Emotiv Insight:
Emotiv Insight is a sleek, 5-channel, wireless headset that records your brainwaves and translates them into meaningful data you can understand.
Designed for everyday use, Insight has advanced electronics that are fully optimized to produce clean, robust signals anytime, anywhere.
Insight introduces cutting-edge, proprietary dry polymer sensors that give you the same great electrical conductivity without the setup or saline.
Read this review
Mind-Reading Headset Helps Physically Disabled Communicate

Cefaly drug-free migraine pain relief

Cefaly is a drug free migraine pain reliever and migraine prevention solution.
Cefaly is a CE and ISO certified medical device designed to treat and prevent migraine headaches. Cefaly can considerably reduce or replace the consumption of side effect producing medications. Cefaly is the first cranial analgesic electrotherapeutic device to acquire ISO medical certification proven effective on migraine pain with no side effects.
An adhesive electrode is positioned on the forehead and Cefaly connects to this. Through the electrode, Cefaly generates precise micro-impulses in order to stimulate the nerve endings of the trigeminal nerve.
Neurostimulation of the trigeminal nerve with Cefaly® produces a relaxing effect. Regular repetition of this relaxing effect helps reduce the number of attacks of headache and migraine.
Cefaly is the first external trigeminal neurostimulator. Cefaly works by stimulating the trigeminal nerve utilizing an electrode that is applied to the forehead. This is where the two essential branches of the trigeminal nerve (supratrochlear and supraorbital) extend furthest to the surface of the skin. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulator

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)
, is a non-invasive, painless brain stimulation treatment that uses direct electrical currents to stimulate specific parts of the brain. clearly states that the device is only intended to improve video game performance, however this is  tDCS device that could be used for ANY tDCS related purpose including treating depression, chronic pain, enhancing memory
Reda this review Transcranial Direct Current Stimulator: unboxing and first assessment

MindWave and MindWave Mobile EEG headsets

Both our MindWave and MindWave Mobile headsets utilize the same hardware and read the same EEG signals.  The MindWave headset will require a computer with a USB port to plug in the included RF receiver.  On the other hand, our MindWave Mobile headset utilizes Bluetooth for connectivity. This feature will allow the headset to connect directly to your Bluetooth enabled computer, phone or tablet running Windows, Android or iOS.
100+ applications for MindWave and MindWave Mobile EEG Headsets. The NeuroSky App Store has apps by third party developers as well as tools by NeuroSky

Melon headband
The Melon headband is similar to other EEG products on the market in that it measures brain activity. The signal quality of the Melon sets it apart. Melon's electrode configuration, designed by a neuroscientist, enables low noise recording so that the EEG signal fed into Melon's and our developers' algorithms is very high quality. Using two recording channels, the Melon monitors activity on the left and right prefrontal cortices, which are known to be involved in cognitive functions. Some states, such as stress, are detected by measuring the relative activity of the two brain hemispheres, so having two channels provides Melon with additional capabilities that are not possible with single-channel EEG products. In addition to brain activity measurement, the headband enables reliable movement monitoring with a 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope on board. Designed for low power consumption, the Melon employs Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Personal Neuro Devices from Trios Group

The Trios Group  is representing Personal Neuro Devices - a leading Canadian-based player in the EEG-based neuro feedback wearables sector.
Personal Neuro Devices’ technology suite includes:
  • A best of breed 4 sensor, lightweight, Bluetooth connected, IOS and Android compatible EEG headset;
  • A range of brain and cognitive mental health, wellness and rehabilitation apps available through Google Play Store and iTunes;
  • Introspect – a device independent, cloud-based meta-data ecosystem and signal processing library optimized for mobile applications;
  • A suite of signal processing tools to assist third party developers to develop for the headset and integrate with Introspect;
  • A US Omnibus Patent (filed May 2013) with more than 25   claims for software and hardware neuro innovations including integration with smart glasses and augmented reality headsets

This concludes our series on Brian Gadgets and Applications. Any Questions and/or add-ons?
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